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thombyxbe's Journal

Thom Byxbe
17 July
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I am a energetic Caucasian male with a fit body and cute face. I am better looking than your Ex-boyfriend/Husband. I have a brain, culture, creativity, good social skills, witty conversation ability, a yearning for new experiences, and an appreciation for the finer things in life. As a couple of my female friends have put it, I have my act together.

I'm a SWM, 5'10", 170 lbs., medium build, in good shape (physically, mentally, and emotionally), short brown hair, brilliant blue eyes, warm smile, non-smoker, no kids, into ROLLER COASTERS, movies, photography, music, computers, and whatever else tickles my fancy. I don't watch much TV, but if I do sit down its either the News or Food TV in addition i'm guilty of being a "Grey's Anatomy" & "Las Vegas" fan. I love going out to see a great comedy movie or sometimes even a chick flick.

Reality (and most of my life) I find wonderfully entertaining, yet having opportunities for fun activities is so much better if you have someone to share them with. Wandering through nature at a park, indulging in yummy ice cream, experiencing live concerts or plays, and exploring stores are a few activities which are more fun with a charming companion.

I'am interested in meeting a SWF counterpart between the ages of 25-40 with similar attributes, h/w/p, slim or in shape. I am physical appealing and intelligent, I do not mean to come off as if everything is based on our visual apperance, but it is a matter of fact that when men and women meet each other, it's the visual that appeals first!! Also, let me say this, I'm sure many people deceive others because you can be anything you want to be on the Internet, if you do not meet my criteria please do not waste my time or yours!!!

I am not perfect and don’t expect you to be flawless but you must be single and clean. I prefer someone who knows a lot about life through your experiences and have no regrets. Hopefully you took each life experience and now look at them as part of your life lesson. I am not always doing something exciting and I tend to be more realistic then overly optimistic. I like to live a quiet, comfortable and relaxing life. I don’t need a loud bar scene or all kinds of noise and people to feel secure and wanted. I like myself and you MUST like yourself also. Most of all I am looking to share my life with you.

I Have Been Waiting Too Long And So Have You!

The type of woman I would like to meet is someone who can appreciate someone with strong moral values, carries herself well, she has eclectic interests, and have an affinity for people of diverse backgrounds. MOST OF ALL she must know who she is, BE COMFORTABLE WITH HERSELF, be intelligent, working towards a goal. She should be witty, with different interests, unselfish, non-controlling, compassionate, a giver as well as a receiver!

I am NOT Looking for MISS TONIGHT. I just want to get to know you and go from there. I don't mind finding MRS RIGHT. I hope I do! I am not desperate or out to rush anything. I tend to have a tender heart, but recent experiences in life have taught me (maybe forced me?) to also learn to establish and keep personal boundaries. On more than one occasion over the years I’ve found myself getting sick and of no use to anyone, including myself, because I let myself get too wrapped up in situations where I shouldn’t have been.

Remember those days of traditional dating? Where over time a relationship could build? Well, I do and I miss that. I would like to meet a woman who likes it when her date shares his jacket with her if she is cold... or compliments her choice of hair style and how she is dressed...

I guess I am looking to give and get a little old-fashion respect. For some reason it seems most people have lost that. I want this to be a romantic relationship. If you are reluctant to become romantically involved please do not reply. Just be yourself... thats all this man could ask for.

Sexually I am VERY, VERY open minded. I am DOMINATE (but do not have to be) and very verbal. In a perfect world I am seeking a female, experienced or not, who is open minded and looking to further explore her sensually submissive side. Into lots of things, love lingerie, toys, ropes, blindfolds etc. I would LOVE to help you explore your freaky side. Nothing excites me more! I say "trust your freaky side" and it won't lead you wrong. I am serious so please be as well.